Saturday, 15 September 2018

Liberal Democrat Conference - Saturday Highlights

Tom Brake's Speech

The Liberal Democrat (anti-Brexit) Spokesperson set out a vision for the UK staying in the EU with a real Brexit dividend of getting out of this madness. He also had a few words for some of the individuals responsible for this continued mess:

On Boris Johnson:

"If that is our PM’s vision of No Deal Brexit Britain, what is the Brexit Britain vision of the man widely tipped to be the future leader of the Tory party, Boris - punishment-beatings, Road to Mandalay, prosecco - Johnson?

We don’t know. Because he is a man of many words, but no Brexit plan.  All mouth and no trousers.  A charlatan who spent more time currying favour with Steve Bannon and sucking up to Donald Trump than he did reading his Ministerial briefs."

On Jeremy Corbyn:

"Are you leader or a mouse? Can you give a clear statement on where Labour stands on Brexit or, as with your position on anti-antisemitism, do you need a 500 word addendum to qualify it?"

On Jacob Rees-Mogg

"His Brexit vision of borders and security checks chimes with his social vision taking Britain back to the 1920s."

On where we go from here

Tom brake ended his speech with a call to arms for those unsatisfied with the current political status quo:


Layla Moran's Speech

We must scrap Ofsted. Where a school is struggling, an inspection system should support that school to improve, not punish it. 

The Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education gave an impassioned speech on ending cuts to crucial youth services, pledging more money for special needs education and ending the toxic "exam culture" that damages both teachers and students.

Layla Moran called for a forward thinking education policy - declaring that "whatever their background, we demand better for every single child."

The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon also attacked Government plans to expand grammar schools, despite them failing to improve social mobility. "What a waste of money."


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