Sunday, 16 September 2018

Liberal Democrat Conference - Sunday Highlights

Jo Swinson's Speech

In her keynote speech Jo Swinson declared that the Liberal Democrats are the only party who will put people at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

When society demanded better, it was liberals who delivered. The Fourth Industrial Revolution gives us the same opportunity, and Conference - we must deliver again.

The Deputy Leader explored how the fundamental basis of the social contract has been broken in the U.K. People are struggling to make ends meet while the rich and powerful play by a different set of rules.

On the topic of Brexit, she had a clear message for Jeremy Corbyn: "grow a backbone, stand up for the millions of people who voted for you and help us stop Brexit."

As for the SNP, the MP from East Dunbartonshire had this to say "The reality is that Scottish nationalists have a one-track mind. While the country edges closer to the precipice, they’re manoeuvring to turn Brexit into the breakup of the UK."

But there is hope. Swinson explained how the revolutionary technological impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution could be harnessed with true liberal leadership. 

Sal Brinton's Speech

The President of the Liberal Democrats addressed Conference with a rallying cry to keep fighting Brexit:

"A year ago at Conference in Bournemouth I urged you to hold firm for our demand for a vote on the final Brexit deal, and that as a party we would still fight for our place in the EU because we knew - and still know - that it is best for Britain, and also best for the European Union."

Looking ahead, the President asked members to think to local elections next year and to retain an open mind towards Vince Cable's party reform proposals, building off the amazing local election results from earlier this year.

Check out Sal Brinton speaking on Brexit here:

Vince Cable Q&A

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats took questions from members this afternoon in the main auditorium. The topics were wide-ranging, but one interesting question cropped up - are the Liberal Democrats being too nice?

Find out below:

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