Tuesday, 18 December 2018

10 Things Delayed by Brexit

1. NHS 10 Year Plan

Our NHS badly needs support and everyone knows it. The Prime Minister was meant to put forward a ten year plan for the health service this year.

That didn't happen. Instead she has been forced to scramble for backbench support for her broken Brexit deal and run around Europe trying to grab last minute concessions.

Brexit is a real danger to our NHS because of staff cuts and fewer resources - now more than ever we should have a plan to support the NHS.

2. Immigration White Paper

The Government’s Immigration White Paper was originally due 18 months ago but still hasn’t been published.

Theresa May claims her Brexit deal is about ending free movement, but she refuses to spell out what that really means: a lot more red tape for British businesses and a national shortage of NHS workers, carers and builders.

3. Fixing universal credit

Despite serious problems with Universal Credit, the Conservatives have failed to cut the long waiting times that are pushing people into destitution or fully restore the funding they cut back in 2015.

The billions of pounds allocated for Brexit preparations could instead have been used to fund UC and help the most vulnerable in society.

4. Tackling the housing crisis

Britain is in the midst of a housing crisis.

People across the country are unable to get onto the housing ladder and house-building is lagging well below targets.

The Government has fundamentally failed to address this problem. The Brexit shambles has distracted the Conservatives, meaning the British people are stuck with a system that reinforces inequalities.

5. Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill

2 million people suffer domestic abuse each year and action is urgently needed.

The Tories promised legislation to tackle this evil and protect victims in their manifesto and in last year’s Queen’s Speech. The consultation closed at the end of May, but there’s still no sign of the Government’s draft Bill.

Follow this link for more info: http://www.libdems.org.uk/ten-brexitdelays