Monday, 22 April 2019

Earley Town Council Manifesto - May 2019

Wokingham Borough and Earley Town Council elections are to be held on the 2nd May 2019. Please remember to vote!

Earley Town Council elections usually occur every four years, meaning the Town Council elected in May will remain largely unchanged until 2023, we think it's an important political event for Earley, so much so that we've prepared a local Lib Dem Manifesto, so you know what we stand for and what our policies are.

A brief overview of our Manifesto follows.

Liberal Democrat Earley Town Councillors will represent all residents in our community, making sure that their voices are heard, both on matters related to services delivered by the Town Council and on general issues affecting Wokingham.

We will campaign for and deliver A Fair Deal for Earley, by being positive, proactive and professional.

Our priorities will include:

  1. Redressing the disproportionate share of finances being allocated to Wokingham Town at the expense of Earley.
  2. Supporting and enabling appropriate social and physical activities for Earley inhabitants.
  3. Transferring more of our parks from Wokingham Borough to Earley Town Council; protecting our remaining woodland; supporting local green initiatives.
  4. Researching and initiating cost-effective strategies to tackle Earley’s traffic and parking problems.
  5. Scrutiny of all aspects of the planning application process, including many residents’ concerns about growing numbers of applications to convert homes into homes in multiple occupation.
You can download and read the full Manifesto here.