Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Gibraltar's voice must not be ignored in the Brexit debate

On Friday 17th May, I visited Gibraltar with our lead South West England candidate, Caroline Voaden.

Gibraltar's part of the South West of England constituency in the European elections. We've always had strong support there, receiving over 67% of the vote there last time around in 2014.

We're set for a strong result - sending both Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood, our first and second South West candidates, to the European Parliament

Voters in Gibraltar are worried. Leaving the EU leaves them with no voice at the table - especially concerning at a time when Spain is making more and more outrageous demands.

The 33,000 people who live here could not be clearer that they want to remain British. Brexit puts their future at risk. 13,000 people cross the border with Spain every day - and can only do so because of free movement.

But the people of Gibraltar are an afterthought to Theresa May. She's still trying to push through her hard Brexit deal, despite Parliament rejecting it 3 times.

Liberal Democrats demand better for Gibraltar. We know how essential our membership of the EU is for people living on the Rock. It's one of the many reasons we're fighting to stop this national embarrassment.

The 33,000 people who live in Gibraltar could not be clearer that they want to remain British. Brexit puts their future at risk.

The Conservatives are tearing themselves apart trying to push Brexit through. They've been aided every step of the way by Jeremy Corbyn's pro-Brexit Labour party. The Lib Dems are the biggest, strongest party of Remain. We've been fighting for a People's Vote since the day after the referendum - leading the opposition both inside Parliament and out of it.

Every vote for us on Thursday 23rd May is a vote to stop Brexit. We're set for a strong result - sending both Caroline and Martin Horwood, our second candidate, to the European Parliament. We have an opportunity to send a message to Labour and the Tories - Britain demands better than Brexit. Say you're with us - be a Lib Dem voter on Thursday:

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