Thursday, 16 May 2019

Richard Gilachrist Moore obituary - written by Stephen Hardy MBE

Richard Moore, resident of Battle, has died. Battle is an apposite word to be associated with Richard, who in his nearly ninety years, has fought the most vigorous and passionate  fight for true Liberalism, for the vision of a united Europe and for internationalism to the very end of his life. Only recently he was on the streets of Battle arguing with passers-by for our country’s continued full-hearted role in Europe and the European Union.  He spoke wherever he could with enthusiasm and authority, borne of his years of experience with the Liberal Party, both here and during his time between 1979 to 1996 as an adviser in Brussels to the Liberal Party delegation to the European Parliament. Adviser may have been his official title but his contribution was so much more than that, as a mentor and nurturer of talent, and an advocate for the vision of Europe’s founding fathers like Churchill and Monnet.

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