Friday, 10 May 2019

The secret to stopping Brexit: keep it simple | Jonathan Freedland

As polls show a sustained lead for remain, the Lib Dems have schooled Change UK with their direct, unambiguous message

Here’s how we can halt Brexit in its tracks. Uefa, the governing body of European football, should announce that from now on participation in the Champions League and the Europa League will be limited to members of the European Union. If Britain leaves the EU, the Premier League’s finest will be barred from taking part. The response would be immediate: support for Brexit would plummet, with the plunge most visible in Liverpool, Chelsea and concentrated parts of north London.

All right, maybe Uefa would be wary of appearing to punish the country that had just taken, without precedent and in thrilling fashion, all four spots in the finals of those two competitions. So here’s a more modest proposal. Why doesn’t Uefa announce that, if the UK leaves the single market and thereby abandons free movement of people, English clubs will be allowed to employ only a limited number of European players. Say two. Or one. Suddenly, a whole lot of onetime Brexiters would find themselves passionately making the case for a borderless Europe, arguing that the young and hungry should be free to move wherever their dreams and their talent might take them.

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