Sunday, 28 July 2019

‘Don’t just sit and shout at the TV, join the Lib Dems and transform the country’

We are being failed by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the party’s new leader says
What an extraordinary week to become the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Having finally entered No 10, Boris Johnson appointed the most hard-line Brexit government, while Jeremy Corbyn utterly failed to challenge it.
Boris Johnson is not fit to be a prime minister. A prime minister wouldn’t compare Muslim women to letterboxes, or describe elite women athletes as “glistening like wet otters”, and he or she wouldn’t continue to threaten a no-deal Brexit knowing full well the damage it will do. Whether it is throwing people under the bus, as he did with Sir Kim Darroch, or writing a lie on the side of one, one thing is clear: Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson.
If there are MPs who believe Brexit can be stopped, that Johnson, Corbyn and Farage must be stopped, then work with us

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