Thursday, 18 July 2019

Focus Newsletter: Hillside - THANK YOU!

Focus Newsletter Image

Earley Lib Dems are celebrating a stunning victory in the Wokingham Borough Elections.

The Lib Dems gained all THREE seats in Earley, and gained a further FIVE seats in the rest of Wokingham. Councillor Clive Jones says, “I am delighted to welcome Caroline Smith to the Lib Dem Councillor Group on Wokingham Borough Council.

“This is a well-deserved win for Caroline. She has worked tirelessly for Hillside, and will be a huge asset. She will be a strong voice standing up for you!”

This Focus leaflet includes articles on: Lib Dems control Earley Town Council; More success for Lib Dems in European elections; Lib Dems save Chalfont Woods; Berkshire Community Officer for 2019 award; Council seeks views on over-development; More success for Lib Dems in European elections.

Read the newsletter here.