Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Our submission to the Human Rights Act "review"

Human rights matter. For British soldiers, Hillsborough families and victims of the Stafford hospital scandal, the Human Rights Act has been vital to securing justice.

It empowers us, ordinary people, to challenge the government in court to uphold their rights. It’s a fundamentally good and liberal piece of legislation that has protected the rights of us all.

But hard-right politicians like Nigel Farage and the Conservatives are trying to scrap the Human Rights Act. The Conservatives have repeatedly threatened to repeal the Act - and now they’ve launched a “review” of it.

To fight back, we made a comprehensive submission to the review panel on why the Human Rights Act must be saved. We also included an appendix containing 14 pages of quotes and stories that campaign supporters submitted to us.

You can read it here:

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