Friday, 4 June 2021

G7 Oxford health talks: Moran urges nations to close global vaccine gap

key_It’s fantastic that Oxford has been chosen to host the G7 health ministers this week. Our city and county are a hub of innovation and expertise, and I’m glad our life sciences sector will get the opportunity to speak to the delegations. I’ve written to every G7 health minister because these meetings are a crucial opportunity to make real progress and tackle vaccine inequity around the world.

Layla Moran has urged G7 health ministers to donate vaccines to close the coronavirus vaccine gap, support intellectual property and technology sharing and protect health aid spending as they begin two days of talks in the city from Thursday 3 June.

In a letter to the health ministers of each G7 nation, including Matt Hancock, Layla said that the Oxford health meetings “could mark a turning point in the global fight against coronavirus”, urging them to “seize this opportunity” and take steps to help vaccinate people in developing nations.


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