Earley Town Council Councillors

Here are our councillors elected on 2 May 2019

Cutbush: Andrew Long

Andrew Long has lived in Lower Earley for over 30 years. He has previous council experience. He is concerned about over development, and the need to keep infrastructure updated to ensure Earley remains a great place to live. Andrew also wants more recycling.

Cutbush: Clive Jones

Clive came to Earley in 1974 when his parents moved to the area from the Isle of Wight. He joined a toy manufacturer and importer as a management trainee and worked his way through the business to become Managing Director for over 10 years before finally starting his own toy business 10 years ago. Clive has been a Director of the British Toy & Hobby Association since 1998 and served as President (2012-15). He is also a trustee of a children's charity that supports charities who work for disadvantaged children. Clive was the Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham in 2015 and 2017.

Cutbush: Judith Clark

Judith worked hard to improve local activities for our young people when previously a town councillor and member of the Earley Town Council's Policy & Resources Committee and its Youth and Community Forum.

Hawkedon: Alison Newton

Alison is an occupational therapist. She is a Sunday School Leader in her church and belongs to a choir. She and her husband are foster carers. Alison is passionate about protecting the environment and ensuring high quality services for local people.

Hawkedon: Andrew Mickleburgh

Andrew recently retired from a career in secondary and tertiary education - almost 25 years of which was spent in Africa and the Pacific Islands. He settled in Earley in 2004 with his wife and daughter. A strong commitment to community service has always been a huge part of his life and Andrew is a volunteer with quite a number of local and national groups with a focus on our senior citizens, the environment and international development.

Hawkedon: David Hare

David is a qualified counsellor, a lay minister in the Anglican church and is Chair of a local cricket club. He is an experienced town and borough councillor and is a former Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Earley Town Council.

Hillside: David Ireland

Dave wants to bring a wealth of experience from the business world to his work as an Earley town councillor and has a passion for developing value for money solutions. He works to keep Chalfont Park and the surrounding area free from litter.

Hillside: Keith Yabsley

As a parent of 3 young children, Keith wants Earley to be a community where young people feel happy and safe. He wants to protect our green spaces from development, and keep working for the facilities and services Earley deserves.

Hillside: Ralph Houlbrooke

Ralph has lived in Earley since 1971 and taught at the University of Reading. Having previously served on the council for 8 years, and again since 2015, he is proud of the enhancement of local amenities, particularly our parks and nature reserve.

Maiden Erlegh: Geoff Littler

Geoff, now retired, has lengthy local government experience having been a lawyer with Berks County and Reading, West Berks, and Bracknell Councils. He also understands the pressures and issues affecting the locality, having lived in Earley for 40 years.

Maiden Erlegh: John Eastwell

John, a retired professional engineer, has lived in Earley with his family for many years. A former town councillor, he served on many committees and was chair of Policy and Resources. He is keen to promote youth facilities in Earley.

Maiden Erlegh: Tahir Maher

Tahir lives in Earley with his wife and their children went to local schools. Tahir is an accountant and was a founder member of the Arthritis Matters Charity in Reading.  He was an Earley town councillor for 8 years. He is keen to protect our green spaces. Tahir will focus on issues that support residents to improve the quality of their lives: community gardens, more public orchards, more cycle lanes, and more parks that are family orientated.

Radstock: Caroline Smith

Caroline was born in Reading and grew up in Caversham. She's married and has 3 children who are grown up and have children of their own. She moved to Earley in 1984 where the children went to the local schools and was a governor at one of their schools for 12 years. Graduating as a mature student with a BA Hons in Sociology, Caroline then started working for a National Charity in Wokingham and still does so 20 years on.

Radstock: Richard Sangster

Richard is a retired Chartered Civil Engineer - his experience will be invaluable on the town council. He has lived in Earley for over 30 years. He supports close relations with Europe. He is a member of The Ramblers' Association and CAMRA. Traffic congestion is a concern to him.

Radstock: Rosemary Cook

Rosemary wants to apply her 37 years of experience and knowledge of local issues to community service on the council. She is particularly interested in Green Issues and the local environment, educational opportunities, elderly care and access for those with disabilities.

Redhatch: Anne Bassett

Anne is a retired teacher and previously served as a town councillor for eight years. She has lived in Earley for 35 years. Anne wants to protect its precious green open spaces and ensure Earley does not become over-developed, so that it remains a great place to live, raise a family and retire.

Redhatch: Irene Mickleburgh

Irene worked abroad with organisations empowering girls and women, and later in child and adult social care in the UK. Irene believes everyone should be listened to and treated fairly. She wants to see a good range of leisure facilities in Earley.

Redhatch: Mike Smith 

Mike is an Earley Town Councillor with keen interest in Planning and Environmental issues. He lives in Maiden Erlegh, having moved here 35 years ago and loves the green spaces. Mike is a Chartered Building Services Engineer and prior to recent retirement, was a Company Director.

St Nicolas: Al Neal

Al has lived in St Nicolas ward since 2001. He works in the IT industry. He is interested in protecting green spaces, putting pedestrians first, and the zero waste society.

St Nicolas: Miryam Eastwell

Miryam is a former town councillor.  She was a representative of the town council as a Trustee of The Earley Charity. Her particular interests are in the protection of local open spaces and also the improvement of youth provision.

St Nicolas: Nicola Brock

Nicola, a former town councillor for the ward, is keen to ensure residents are kept fully consulted about issues affecting them. Nicola would like to see more kerbside recycling.