LibDem Borough Councillors

Meet your Borough councillors elected on 2 May 2019:

Hawkedon: Andrew Mickleburgh

From a young age Andrew has been very active in politics and charitable work. He has extensive experience in the education sector and is committed to improving the lives of Earley's young people and senior citizens.

Hillside: Caroline Smith

Caroline works for a National Charity and has served as a borough councillor. She spent 12 years as a local school governor. Having lived in Lower Earley for over 30 years she has a deep understanding of local issues.

Maiden Erlegh: Tahir Maher

Tahir was a member of Earley Town Council for many years and a former Lib Dem Group Leader. He is well known in the local community where he's worked with the Lib Dem team to improve Earley's bus service.